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Review of Alexander's Uromexil capsules from Liberec

Feedback Uromexil

One day I returned from a business trip and I felt a strong burning sensation when urinating. The unpleasant symptoms did not go away for a couple of weeks and I still decided to see a doctor.

After the examination, the doctor said I had prostatitis with a small adenoma. I asked how it could be cured and the doctor prescribed antibiotics, immunity boosting drugs and prostate massage sessions. I really didn't want to go to the last procedure, and I decided to clarify if it is possible to replace it with a less inconvenient action.

The doctor advised me to take Uromexil and take the capsules every day. But the doctor immediately warned me that if there was any deterioration, I should have a massage.

Where did I place the order?

I preferred to buy the tool on the official website. The capsules were delivered quickly. I ordered it on Monday and I already had the drug on Thursday. The remedy was sealed. The package contained detailed instructions on how to use the drug.

How long did it take?

The instructions for use say that the full course is 30 days. I also went through it. I took 2 Uromexil capsules in the morning and in the evening. I washed them with water.

Uromexil capsules

When did the effect begin?

My experience using the drug is extremely positive. I noticed the first improvements 10 days after starting the course. The discomfort when urinating disappeared. The pain in the groin finally disappeared by the end of the third week and the potency finally returned to normal.

The symptoms of inflammation of the prostate no longer bothered me. I plan to repeat the course again in 2 months to prevent exacerbation of prostatitis.